Our Approach To Risk Management

Founded in 2011, Liberty Group Ventures is a risk management consulting firm that applies the principles of national security to solve client problems. We believe effective risk management is not just a technological problem—it is achieved through the integration of people, policies, and technology. We offer an expert perspective on emerging security threats and on the government’s response to these threats at the federal, state, and local levels. Our goal is to ensure the resiliency of companies, governments, and institutions.

Cyber Risk Management and Emerging Technology

LGV’s cybersecurity experience comes from working at the senior level of the federal government and with Fortune 500 companies. We provide strategic advice and counsel to clients on cyber risk management, emerging technology, and the government cyber marketplace. Our strategies ensure infrastructure resiliency, and we are often called upon to recommend technology solutions as a trusted policy advisor. Additionally, we enhance our capabilities through a network of subject matter policy and technology experts.

LGV has been working closely with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) since the release of the Presidential Executive Order 13636 in February 2013 on the development of the Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework. We were responsible for managing and facilitating the NIST-sponsored workshops to solicit private sector input for the Cybersecurity Framework development. Additionally, our work included drafting Framework components that highlighted the need for senior executives to prioritize cybersecurity enterprise-wide. We continue to support NIST in stakeholder outreach and Framework development.

Tabletop Exercises

LGV works with a broad range of corporate and government clients to develop and/or revise crisis management plans. We then develop and facilitate tabletop exercises (TTXs) to test the assumptions, capabilities, and effectiveness of these plans.

Our TTX approach identifies gaps in existing response planning, strengthens corporate awareness of response plans, and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of corporate and external leaders and stakeholders. Following the TTX, LGV prioritizes next steps for improving the organization’s crisis management planning and training of the organization’s staff.

Senior Executive Education and Awareness

A key focus of LGV’s current work is assisting the private sector in managing the cybersecurity threat environment. Cyber risk management is a growing priority for corporations and their governing bodies, including Boards of Directors. LGV offers an approach, using the NIST Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework, to help organizations better address their enterprise cyber risk challenges.

LGV conducts briefings and presentations and develops corporate programs (i.e., TTXs) to educate senior executives, including Board members, on cyber risk management.

Cybersecurity is not just a technological problem—it is achieved through the integration of people, policies, and technology

Markets We Serve

  • Cybersecurity
  • Homeland Security
  • Campus Security
  • Sports Security